RGN87INL – 8D7N The Essentials

This eight day seven night trip to Myanmar includes all the essential cities. The tour begins in Yangon, the lively and fascinating capital of Myanmar. Day two will take you to Bagan, which has the world’s largest area of temples and pagodas. You will then head to Mandalay which is the arts and crafts holy land. Our next stop is Inle Lake. Here you will experience the unique culture of the local people. We promise your visit here will be nothing but fascinating. The tour ends back in Yangon where you will say good bye to the wonderful country of Myanmar.

RGN65INL – 6D5N The Gems of Myanmar

This five night six day trip to Myanmar will take you to the most popular places in the country. The tour will start in Yangon where you can get up close and personal with the people and their culture. Next stop is Bagan, once called the “city of four million pagodas” here you can witness first hand the importance of Buddhist religion. Our last stop is Inle Lake. You won’t believe the way things are done here. Everything from floating gardens and markets to local fishermen rowing their boat with their leg. Inle is sure to leave a life long impression. Lastly we will return to Yangon for your flight home. 

RGN54BPE – 5D4N A Taste of the Country

Myanmar is an enchanting country filled with history and culture. This short but sweet introductory tour ofMyanmar includes Yangon and Bagan. You will start in Yangon where you will see the majestic Shwedagon Pagoda, busy markets, and get a feel of the local people. Next stop is Bagan, with thousands of temples and rural landscape. There is no other place in the world like it. After two days in Bagan return to Yangon for you departure flight. Were sure you will be back for more.

REP1413INL – 14D13N The Golden Land Experience

This comprehensive fourteen day thirteen night tour of Myanmar will take you to the most astonishing destinations within the country. Start off in the busiest and most populated city of Yangon. Head to Maymyo to visit the lush National Garden. Our trip then takes us the culturally rich city of Mandalay. Next stop on the tour is Sagaing for a real taste of the Buddhists way of life. From Sagaing head to Monywa to get an understanding of the trade center between Myanmar and India. Bagan is our next destination, featuring thousands of pagodas. Lastly we will visit Inle Lake which has been untouched by modern traditions. Finish our tour back in Yangon where you will say goodbye to the Golden Land.

REP1211INL – 12D11N Untouched People & Places

Prepare for an experience of a lifetime on this twelve day eleven night tip. Start by arriving in the capital city of Yangon. First stop after Yangon is Myamyo where you can see the beautiful National Garden and have a chat with the locals. We then head to the culturally rich city of Mandalay to learn some past traditions. Board a boat in Mandalay for a river cruise to Bagan which hosts the world’s largest area of temples and pagodas. We then head to the untouched Inle Lake which is one of the most fascinating places in all of Myanmar. Finish up the trip in back in Yangon before your departure flight.