Kuala Lumpur

A tour into Kuala Lumpur, the capital city and one of the federal territories of Malaysia, is more than just shopping and experiencing Malaysian urban life. The modern city that houses the once tallest building in the world still has its fair share of connection to nature, thus we also have nature-related tour packages like bird watching and visits to the Forest Research Institute or the Elephant Conservation Centre, other than night tours highlighting the usual shop and dine of urban life of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Tour Package

12D11N Self Drive (West Coast)

Adult: RM 4127 | Child: RM 3302

The self-drive program covers part of  major attractions in Malaysia with a wonderful journey from the historical places to the modern city  and beautiful Island.

BRDW – Bird Watching

Adult: RM 0 | Child: RM 0

The country’s location on the Australasian cross-migratory paths also makes it a host to 120 or so migratory birds. With over 600 species to be seen in the Peninsula and about 580 species in Malaysian Borneo, it is no wonder Malaysia has emerged as a bird watching haven.

SN08LGK – 9D8N Highlights of Malaysia (West Coast)

Adult: RM 4929 | Child: RM 2744

A complete tour of the west coast. This is the best developed region and it has probably the best attractions in Malaysia. Malacca & Penang are both UNESCO listed heritage cities. Langkawi is the gem here for it`s laid back lifestyle tropical island. Then you have Kuala Lumpur & Cameron HIghlands to add to the list. All in all a great holiday tour. 

SIN04KUL – 4D3N Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Sojourn

Adult: RM 2055 | Child: RM 1320

From Singapore, the best way to see the Southern Part of the Peninsular is by overland. Singapore to Malacca is only about 3 hours and Maacca to Kuala Lumpur is about 2.5 hrs. It is pretty good drive with an night stay in Malacca to explore this historical city. Spend 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur with 2 half day excursions giving enough time for own independent activities.