Travelling in the Malaysian state of Sarawak would be an eye opener for many. Huge verdant forests and vast mesmerizing caves such as the Lambir National Park and Niah Caves, beautiful waters such as the Sarawak River and Batang Ai River, and mountainous formations such as the Pinnacles, give rise to a great variety of interesting cultures and activities to be had for tailor-made holidays in Borneo. The best of all these can be found with Peterson Travel, the leading travel agency in Malaysia.

MUL3 – 4D3N Mulu Caves/Pinnacles

Adult: RM 1670 | Child: RM 1336

The pinnacles at Mulu is a nature`s wonder. The amazingy razor sharp rock formation can only be seen from the plane and from Mount Api . You need a lot of physical strength to trek & climb in this programme. This adventurous programme is a lifetime experience.

KCH09BKI – 9D8N Borneo Discovery

Adult: RM 6245 | Child: RM 4996

The tour that takes you to deep interior of Borneo in the long house tours and Mulu Caves plus the Kinabatangan basin to discover the wildlife – Prosboscis Monkeys. There is plenty to see as you travel across from Kuching to Mulu followed by Kota Kinabalu where you end in Sandakan/Sukau in this journey. This is a soft adventure programme in Borneo suitable for everyone.  

KCH06BKI – 6D5N – Borneo Highlights

Adult: RM 2745 | Child: RM 2196

This is a typical Borneo Programme highlighting all the major highlights – Longhouse tour visiting the Iban tribes, City Tours in Kuching, Sepilok Orang Utan in Sandakan and the prosboscis monkeys & other wildlife in the Sukau Tour. This tour can be easily extended to other areas like Mulu Caves or Danum Valley. An Essential  Borneo programme.

KCH10BKI – 10D9N Borneo Indepth

Adult: RM 6038 | Child: RM 4534

A complete tour of Borneo to see all the major attractions & highlights. This is an extension programme from Borneo Discovery with an added feature – Turtle Island. Due to the popularity of the Turtle Island, early booking is necessary. Peak Period is July – Sep. Remember we are flexible, we can always adjust the programme to get the availability or to your requirement.