Cultural & Heritage

As you travel across Malaysia, you will see changing lifestyles & customs of the local people. For instance, there are stark differences in tradition between Malays from the west coast states and those from the east.

Homestay is a good form of interaction with the local family in your travels in Malaysia. You basically live in and do what your foster family does. You will get to eat with them in traditional style and enjoy some local activities. Usually a night`s stay will suffice to get a taste of the local culture. To go one step further, learn the traditional music & dances. Half Day Gamelan & traditional dance classes are available at cultural centres. If you just want to have a taste of the local culture, you can see a cultural show and even a wayang kulit show. Add these activities to your travel plan or tour packages and enjoy a vacation of real Malaysian Experience.


Culture and Heritage Tour Package In Malaysia

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