REP65PNH – 6D5N Cambodia Tour

Adult: RM 896 | Child: RM 0

This programme gives you the best of Cambodia. From the awesome Angkor Wat to the Khmer Rouge reign, we will finsh the tour at Sihanouk ville, home to Cambodia’s finest beaches. 

Upon arrival in Siem Reap International Airport at morning time, you will be welcome by our guide and driver and then transfer you to hotel for check in.

We visit the immense walled city Angkor Thom that was the masterpiece of King Jayavarman VII. We begin our visit at the Terrace of the Leper King. This intricately carved platform was the royal crematorium and the statue that was originally thought to be the leper king is now believed to be Yama, the god of death. We continue along the Terrace of Elephants, originally used as a viewing gallery for the king to preside over parades, performances and traditional sports. At the southern end lies the Baphuon, once of the most beautiful temples at Angkor, dating from the reign of Uditayavarman in the 11th century. It has undergone a massive renovation by the French and is now once again open for viewing. Our climax is the enigmatic and enchanting temple of the Bayon. 

This afternoon, we travel to the mighty temple of Preah Khan or ‘Sacred Sword’, sister temple to Ta Prohm, the cruciform corridors here are impressive and there are some wonderful carvings adorning the walls, including the spectacular hall of dancers. This is one of the few temples originally dedicated to Buddhism and Hinduism. We then continue on to the elegant curves of Neak Poan. This petite temple is the ultimate ornamental fountain, its series of elaborate spouts including the heads of lions and elephants. 
Overnight in Siem Reap.

Breakfast at hotel.
We visit the royal bathing pond of Sra Srang. No bath will ever be quite the same again when you have set eyes on this vast pool, once for the exclusive use of the king and his concubines. 

We walk to the first great Buddhist monastery in Cambodia, Banteay Kdei, we explore its extensive corridors and elegant sculptures. 

We continue to the jungle temple Ta Prohm where Tomb Raider was filmed. Ta Prohm has been abandoned to the elements, a reminder that while empires rise and fall, the riotous power of nature marches on, oblivious to the dramas of human history. 

This afternoon, taking a break from the temples, we travel out to the mighty Tonle Sap Lake to visit the floating village of Chong Kneas. Nestled under the hill of Phnom Krom, this floating community moves location with the waters of the lake. Everything floats on water in this living fishing community. There are floating schools, floating shops, floating petrol stations, even floating karaoke bars. Many of the houses are floating fish farms with large pens of fish underneath. 

We return to Siem Reap to visit the Artisans D’Angkor workshop. Set up to revitalize the handicraft industry of Siem Reap, artisans are chosen from poor, disadvantaged, rural communities. Stone carving, wood carving, silverwork, silk weaving, laquerware, the standard of work produced here is among the best in the South-East Asia. We tour the workshops seeing the artisans at work and then take the opportunity to visit their famous gallery.
Overnight in Siem Reap. (Breakfast)

Breakfast at hotel.
We head south to Banteay Srei, Angkor’s ultimate art gallery. This petite pink temple is the jewel in the crown of Angkor-era sculpture. The elaborate carvings here are the finest found in Cambodia and the name translates as ‘Fortress of the Women’, thanks to the intricate detail here, considered too fine for the hands of a man.

Later we visit the 12th century temple of Banteay Samre. Built by King Suryavarman II, the genius behind Angkor Wat, this temple has been extensively restored. The temple is unique in that over-quarrying of sandstone led to the use of laterite for the roofed corridors. The pediments above the inner doors here include some of the most accomplished carving from the Angkor period.

This afternoon, we explore Angkor Wat. Believed to be the world’s largest religious building, this temple is the perfect fusion of symbolism and symmetry and a source of pride and strength to all Khmers. We venture into Angkor Wat to enjoy its magnificence in peace and quiet. We begin by unraveling the mysteries of the bas-reliefs that tell of tales from Hindu mythology and of the glories of the Khmer empire. Stretching for almost one kilometre, these intricate carvings are a candidate for the world’s longest unbroken piece of art.

We then transfer you to Siem Reap International Airport for catching onward departure flight out to Phnom Penh at morning time. 

Upon arrival in Phnom Penh International Airport, you will be welcome by our guide and driver and then transfer you to hotel for check in.
Overnight in Phnom Penh. (Breakfast)

Breakfast at hotel.
We explore the stunning Royal Palace complex, home to the Cambodian royal family and a symbol of the nation. We then pass the Napoleon III Pavilion made from iron, a gift from the French emperor in the 19th century.

We continue to the Silver Pagoda, named after the 5000 silver tiles covering the floor, each weighing 1kg. Inside are some of the country’s most cherished treasures, including a life-size gold Buddha studded with 9584 diamonds, the largest weighing 25 carats. 

We leave the Royal Palace and continue to the nearby National Museum, home to the world’s finest collection of sculpture from the Angkor period. The exquisite building was completed between 1917 and 1920 and features a lush courtyard garden surrounded by collections from the pre-Angkor, Angkor and post-Angkor periods. 

In the afternoon, we leave Phnom Penh and travel south on National Highway 4 towards the south coast (without guide) to the popular resort of Sihanouk ville, home to Cambodia’s finest beaches. We check into our hotel and leave the rest of the day free to enjoy the beautiful beaches and warm waters. 
Overnight in Sihanouk Ville. (Breakfast)

Breakfast at hotel.
Day free at leisure on the beach.
Overnight in Sihanouk Ville. (Breakfast)

Breakfast at hotel. 
We transfer you to Phnom Penh International Airport for catching onward flight out. (Breakfast) 

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