Brunei Darussalam is a popular travel spot in Borneo. Despite the size and status of one of the last independent Sultanates in the world, the state has a lot to offer still. Other than display of wealth in the form of gold-domed mosques and palaces, Brunei is also known for its traditional water villages which preserved the local Bajau and Dusun people’s customs and livelihood, and Peterson Travel has just the Borneo tour packages which would enable you to experience this and more.

KCH06BKI – 6D5N – Borneo Highlights

Adult: RM 2745 | Child: RM 2196

This is a typical Borneo Programme highlighting all the major highlights – Longhouse tour visiting the Iban tribes, City Tours in Kuching, Sepilok Orang Utan in Sandakan and the prosboscis monkeys & other wildlife in the Sukau Tour. This tour can be easily extended to other areas like Mulu Caves or Danum Valley. An Essential  Borneo programme.

SKU10POM 10D9N – Best of Sabah featuring Pom Pom Island

Adult: RM 6450 | Child: RM 0

his is a programme booked by a couple in May 2010 who wanted to to see the Best of Sabah and have a few days on an idyllic Island.  Pom Pom Island was picked and it became an amazing stay.